Thursday, February 3, 2011

A new place for spices...

This post was prompted by my husband's comment the other day about my Christmas gift from him- "I can't believe you haven't posted about your spice rack yet."

So to show him some love, here you go. :-x

Here is the before shot of my "spice cabinet"

Packed in nice & tight and I ALWAYS needed the one in the back. So I would have to unload half of the spices in order to get the one I wanted.

After hearing me complain about this for a while he told me to pick out a spice rack for Christmas. Well, that was easier said than done. I wanted a spice rack that didn't take up too much space, could fit on that shelf if I wanted it to, came with empty-not labeled containers, and held more than 24 spices... the search began. I thought I would never find one that would fit the bill.

I came across a couple that I liked but didn't love. And by now you know me-I don't like to spend a lot of money on something unless I absolutely LOVE it.

Then I came across was what I was looking for.
But even on sale-NO WAY!-this was well out of my price range.

Then we got to brainstorming...what about regular test tubes and a test tube holder. And that is just what we did.

We ordered the biggest test tube we could that would fit in the holder.

Josh made labels on the P-Touch while I filled the tubes. I wanted clear labels, but they pretty much disappeared when we put them on. So...

I also made a dummy sheet to go on the inside of the cabinet door.

So far it works great. I love the industrial look so much that I don't think it will end up in the cabinet after all.

Also, I have plenty of test tubes left over. I think I might double up on some of the more frequently used spices. And maybe I'll add some sprinkles and sugars from my baking supplies as well. Let me know if you would like the website he purchased these from and I'll post an update. 

PS. If you were paying close attention to the pictures you may have noticed the kiss on my thumb. That was done with my Konad set. You can find the tutorial here. My nails are ready for V-day.

UPDATE: The website that Josh used to order everything was
17 mm Brushed Aluminum Test Tube Rack
16x150 mm Pyrex Glass Test Tubes - Single
Cork Stoppers (Size 5) - Single 
Total cost about $50

2 comments: said...

I would love to know your source for this. My spice rack is out of control. How much will fit in each test tube?


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Oh my goodness...that is SUCH a cool way to store spices! My spice cabinet is pretty crazy looking and I need to organize it.