Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So much ribbon, so little space.

My ribbons and various notions were overflowing my shoe box storage system. Since one of my resolutions this year is to become more organized I figured I would tackle this little project. Like any good crafter I scoured the various stores and websites for any ideas I could find. I came across rain gutter storage that would work great, if I had more room. I found shoe box styles with holes in the sides for ribbon, but that wasn't going to work, since I'd need more than one to accommodate my stash. Then I discovered this on pinterest.

Genius. I gave it a try. I already had the pants organizer on hand.

It worked for a while until I outgrew it. What I didn't like about this version was that I had to stagger the spools in order to make them fit. This left me with a lot of unused space.

So then I had to get a little creative. What I ended up doing was combining a couple of different things. The pants organizer is still being used, but now the ribbon is mostly on badge clips from Staples. 

It reminds me of the "clip it up", but a ton cheaper and less space is being taken up. So what do you think? I'm pretty proud of this. If I ever have a craft room instead of craft closet I will probably reevaluate my ribbon again. Until then, I think this will last me for years. How do you store your ribbons? Are you a rain gutter on the wall kind of gal? Do you use a paper towel holder or dowel to store your ribbon vertical? Or do you have everything shoved in a box with a lid that won't close? Feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you.

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