Thursday, January 12, 2012


That was the sigh of relief that just escaped me as I sat down in a chair. After a wonderful 4 day weekend in MN we are home and my house is back up and running at a normal pace. It's crazy the amount of dirty laundry that a family goes through in only 4 days, so that's at the top of my "to-do" list.

The drive was over 12 hours and it's good to be home. We couldn't have asked for better behaved kids. I think they asked "are we there yet" less than 10 times. They kept themselves occupied with movies, games, and fun in the back seat. When they weren't doing that they were sound asleep. Which brings me to a side point...Why are booster seats so incredibly uncomfortable? The padding is very sparse and it really doesn't make sense to me why. The seats in the car have nice cushions, so why can't a booster seat? Has anyone out there made a seat cushion for their kids to help alleviate their little booties while on road trips?

Back to the main reason we were in MN in the first place. A wedding! Congratulations to the Newlyweds! I hope you guys are having fun in Hawaii! We were so happy to make the trip for your special day. And A was very happy to be one of your flower-girls. By the way, as a thank-you gift for being in the wedding the bride made name hangers for all of her girls and the flower-girls received silver sequin "Uggs" to match the brides "big girl" Uggs. Extremely cute.

I'm thinking about giving the name hangers a try, if I do I'll post a tutorial. I hope everyone has a great Thursday. Talk to you soon.

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