Friday, January 14, 2011

Jewelry for a sister...

When I first started making jewelry everyone I knew was getting something sparkly for a birthday or Christmas gift. Lucky for them I have moved beyond jewelry to sewing, and other things. Here are a few of the very first pieces I made. I talked my little sis into digging it all out of her jewelry box and bringing it over for a photo shoot.

Chandelier Earrings
Sterling Silver and Emerald Swarovski Crystals
These make me giggle a little to look at them now. I didn't even know what a jump ring was at the time I made these. All I knew was that I needed a little small circle thingy to hold the two levels together, so I made one with some wire. I know better now.

Simple Necklace
Sterling Silver and Emerald Swarovski Crystals
This necklace went with the earrings above. If you can't tell from the color choice my sister Sara is a May baby.

Small Circle Necklace
Sterling Silver and Shell
This one was made with earrings to match, she forgot to bring the earrings with her so that I could take a pic though.

Crystal Bangle
Sterling Silver with Crystal Golden Shadow & Black
Diamond AB Swarovski Crystals
This bracelet was made as a payback for babysitting, at the time I only had 2 kids not 3 yet. I would probably have to make a pair of earrings to match the bracelet if I were to do a barter again. :-)

Crystal Bangle
Sterling Silver with Sapphire and Light Sapphire Swarovski Crystals
This bracelet I actually made for myself. Isn't that a shocker? I made it to wear to the Pistons game I was going to later that night. I didn't have anything cute to wear with my Hamilton jersey. I used all blue so that it wouldn't look too 4th of July if I wore it any other time of the year and because Sapphire happens to be my birthstone.

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