Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh, WOW!

This weekend was BIG for the blog.

1st:  Sparkle made it to 1000 visitors!
Now I know that this isn't huge (some blogs I visit get this in a few hours), but when you're first starting out it seems like a big milestone. Think of a baby standing up to furniture or sitting on it's own for the first time.

2nd: Sparkle now has 15 followers/subscribers!
Again, not a huge deal to many (most of the blogs I read have thousands), but it's a big thing for me. :-) Think of a baby holding it's head on it's own or finding it's thumb.

And finally... This one is a BIG one...


Woo Hoo!!!
(Yeah, I guess I'm a "woo girl")

Check back tomorrow for my entry to the contest, I think you're going to Luv-It!!

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