Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Juice Boxes-Do you love 'em or hate 'em?

I used to be one of those mothers who absolutely hated them. Why? Because what person in their right mind likes to clean up the spills that always happen from them being squeezed? Not me. I try to avoid mess whenever possible. (Think-Monica Geller, from "Friends".) Then I saw these juice box holders and I thought that they were pretty cool, but again this would be something I would have to clean. 

So instead of being the "not fun Mom" who wouldn't allow her children the enjoyments of a juice box I used my head a little and came up with this....

Take a look at the side of the box. You'll see the triangle flaps, or the "wings" as we like to call them. Give them a little pull, and they'll pop right out. Whenever the girls get juice boxes now, they always remind each other to "put your wings out".

These "wings" are now the handles for the girls so that they have something to hold on to and won't accidently squeeze the sticky juice all over. This has made my life easier, and the girls think it's fun. So it's a win-win in my book. (Even Piglet thinks it's awesome.)

As for the Capri Sun juices... I'm still thinking there's no way I'm going to be purchasing them for preschoolers.

I guess I could consider this as a "Cheap Trick" because you're saving money and time doing this little trick. 

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