Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A-very fun to make-soap dispenser

What you'll need for the "homemade soap dispenser"
Empty Wine or Liquor Bottle-I told you this was going to be fun

When I was going through the top shelf of my pantry I came across some liquor pourers from "our glory days". (Before we had kids the hubs and I could throw a pretty fun party.)
I was in need of a soap dispenser for the hand soap in the kitchen. We used to have a built in soap dispenser but it seemed like we were constantly trying to fix it, so we took it out and put a cap over the existing hole.

With as often as I wash my hands I wanted the soap to be in easy reach. So I filled up an empty wine bottle with some liquid soap and put one of the liquor pourers into the bottle-instant soap dispenser.

I love the labels on this brand of wine. It has a picture of a bare foot print on it and they use the cutest colors for the bottles, most of which match our kitchen.

On a side note-I use Dr. Bronner's liquid soap. Since it is a concentrate you have to water it down which makes it perfect for this "dispenser".

PS. I have never seen my sink so sparkly clean. I am loving the way it looks in the picture, it doesn't look that sparkly in real life. :-(

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