Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Leg warmers are too expensive!

Do you have a ballerina in the house? If so, STOP paying too much for leg warmers. $15 is the going rate-some are even more expensive and that is just unacceptable. You can make your own out of a pair of these.

Knee High Socks

These ones were purchased at Target for $4 a pair. Here's the proof:

In the past I have purchased cheaper knee highs at the Dollar Tree. They sell them 2 pairs for a buck, but lately I haven't seen any. :-(

Follow this tutorial by Melissa at Nanny Goat. She has great step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures in case you're like me and get confused. She calls them baby legs because technically they are for babies learning to crawl...but shh, don't tell your little ballerina and she'll be none the wiser.

"Cheap Trick of the Day"

The next time you run out of your blue window cleaner save some money by purchasing a 2 liter of club soda instead. Just refill your old spray bottle with the club soda and use as normal. Your windows will shine, your mirrors will sparkle and your stainless appliances will gleam. I use it on anything and everything shiny in my house and I gotta tell you-I like it better. It takes less elbow grease than the blue stuff and it doesn't leave streaks. And unlike the blue stuff this is a "green alternative". With curious little kids in the house the less chemicals under the sink the better.

Update: Here is what the dollar store leg warmers look like. I used child size knee highs. If you would like them a little bigger use women size instead. And to think I saved at least $14.50 by making them myself.

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