Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pages have something on them!

My jewelry and craft pages are now up and running. Yay! Please check them out. Over the next couple of days I will be continuing to add to the jewelry page. I have about 4 more weddings to add and some custom pieces as well. Have a great Thursday!

"Cheap Trick of the Day"
Sometimes these "cheap tricks" will be inexpensive ideas, ways to save money, frugal thinking...whatever you want to call it. Today's trick is just me being out right cheap. There is a little story behind this one that you should know...

It goes something like this,

"Hey, Mom! We're out of toilet paper!"

"What?!? I just put a new roll on this morning, you can't be out already."

"We are!"

"Well what happened to the roll, M?"

"C pulled it down for Nicky."
(Nicky is the FurReal Pet puppy we have in our house.)

Oh crap, not again. What are we going to do? This was the second time this week that C thought it would be "cool" to make a bed of TP on the bathroom floor.

Here's what I did:
Squash the roll of TP in half so that the tube is no longer round. It makes it harder for the roll to just take off when little hands get curious because it just bumps around on a lop sided roll. Also keeps the ones who haven't quite mastered the amount to use from using too much-even if they happen to be older than potty training age.

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