Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A little something new for Mom to wear

I recently came to the conclusion that I didn't have anything to wear for the holidays. So I made a new top. Total cost $2.50. How did I do it? 

I took this:
A tank from Salvation Army (sweater knit) and some material I had left over from a dress

And turned it into this:

Here is a back view:

Anthropologie, The Buckle, and a few other well known overpriced stores are selling ruffled cardigans like hot cakes. So instead of buying one for $68 (sale price at Anthro.) I made mine for $2.50. What do you think, leave a comment and let me know. 

1 comment:

MommaBradley said...

You are so amazing!!! I love the sweater, very good price :)